[the effect that drinks plum juice and action]

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When we are drinking plum juice, can bring the sense of cool mouth clear to us. When a lot of restaurant have a meal classics regular meeting comes up against offerred free plum juice. Plum juice suits to be enjoyed in summer quite, this cannot leave a concern with the effect of plum juice and action, like to drink the word of plum juice, had better be the function below comprehensive understanding, the oldest rate is used for us. So, what are the effect that drinks plum juice and action?

Drink the effect of plum juice and action

One, analyse from nutrient component level above allLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Play the effect of plum juice: Lukewarm taste of smoked plum sex is sour, contain very rich organic acid, wait like malic acid, citric acid. Among them, still have sick at heart of a kind of citron, Shanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Restrain the generation of lactic acid effectively. And body endosperm acid content is exorbitant, it is the main reason that brings about person exhaustion. The plum juice that drink a dot can eliminate fatigue, refection quickly.

Accordingly, when staying up late to work or feel spirit is tired out, drink a cup of smoked plumLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Soup can have very good life-giving effect, let muscle and hematic tubing restore vitality. Additional, material of sex of content of so much acidity still can promote the exudation of salivary gland and gastric juice gland, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid not only stop thirsty, also can avoid when the amuse oneself outside going out dizzyShanghai Long Feng forum

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Car, perhaps drinking overmuch hind, have the effect of sober up.

Still having is smoked plum has the extremely powerful force that fight bacterium, not only side aid digestion, can stomachic, still have worm of clear intestines and stomach, drive, avoid the effect such as diarrhoea.

Drink the effect of plum juice and action

2, the dietary build up one’s health by rest and by taking nourishing food of the summer of the effect of plum juice, the cleanness that wants particularly exquisite food is wholesome. Summer the antiseptic ability that people stomach bowel is relatively abate, add people summer general1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Be fond of the food that eats raw or cold food, cause the enteron disease such as diarrhoea easily carelessly a bit. So, right now OK and right amount drink a bit plum juice to help intestines and stomach guard a pass. The plum juice that contains more acidity material still can promote the exudation of saliva and gastric juice, protect intestines and stomach.

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Drinkable during sweltering summer heat plum juice, not only acid is sweet goluptious, still can have the effect of appetizing, compensatory moisture, be close friends more than those carbonic acid beverage. Although plum juice taste is sour, but it is belonged to however alkalescent kind of food, the flesh kind wait for acidity food to eat much, the plum juice that drink a dot more the balance that conduces to value of soda acid of the blood inside body.

3, plum juice still has pretty good fall the effect of irascibility, help aid digestion, those irascibility relatively the person of flourishing more plum juice of appropriate much edible.

Drink the effect of plum juice and action

Will tell from the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, acidity enters liver, the person with bad liver is OK the food of much edible acidity, for example the person appropriate of irascibility flourishing eats smoked plum more. It not only can smooth fall irascibility, still can help taste digest, alimentary liver. Additional, smoked plum still is medicine of natural wet one’s whistle, the place of OK and gentle moist and guttural agnail, alleviate aching.

In daily life, can differ according to taste, the plum juice of different gust is contained in the home. Use smoked plum for example 20 grams, licorice is 10 grams, red jujube 10, add white sugar right amount, boil bit of red jujube plum juice, can remove satisfy one’s thirst be good at lienal action. Perhaps use mung bean 100 grams, smoked plum 50 grams, add white candy to become gram plum juice, can the clear hot weather that heat up solution, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid relieve a cough.

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