[what dish to fry to suit to put oyster sauce? ]

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Bad news oil is the necessary dressing in a lot of families, its edible method is varied, no matter be to be in dish of fried dish, cold and dressed with sause or it is souse alimental moment is joined, can have very good mouthfeel. Bad news oil can make our dish tastes colour and lustre better, and taste also have thick sweet smell, still can help the flesh kind go raw meat or fish. So, what dish to fry to suit to put oyster sauce? Chart of cole of a few bad news is recommended to everybody below.

What dish to fry to suit to put oyster sauce?

A photograph of whole family of reunion of the whole family

Advocate makings: Coal tub holds Australia abalone young animal 1 canister

Burden: Sea shrimp 1 pair, on the west orchid 100g

Condiment: Jiang Duan of 500ml of 20ml of wine of the sauce of oily 10ml of Chi of fish of oyster sauce 30g, evaporate, seafood, 10g, forked 10g that burn sauce, high-grade Shaoxing, clear chicken broth, green each 15g


coal tub outfit abalone does not unseal, former canister is boiled in boiled water 3 hour

Reach abalone cook over a slow fire 1 hour to receive juice inside arenaceous boiler with afore-mentioned condiment, when juice works nearly, join be handled clean and scald water comes the sea of 7 maturity shrimp

After orchid is handled clean on the west, scald of the brine that use oil is ripe, accuse to do moisture mat to be in dish bottom

Advocate expect the outfit after receiving juice dish

What dish to fry to suit to put oyster sauce?

Hand of earthnut pig

Advocate makings: Pig hand a 900g, gan Sun 200g, groundnut 150g

Burden: The head of garlic 10 bead, ginger 8, Gan Cong 30ml of 6 bead, arrack

Condiment: Oyster sauce 15g, old smoke 500ml of 5ml, water


Earthnut uses leach 30 minutes, put pig hand boiling water syncopation to boil, take out dip cold water to come cool, drop works reserve

Hot oil explodes sweet reach Gan Cong, join pig hand decoct to come golden after enter arrack

Join the head of garlic and earthnut, mix flavoring boil, turn slow fire boils about 1 hour to come data is weak body

Forum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby

Join add of pleasant bamboo shoot to boil 15-20 finally minute to juice is concentrated

Face of bright shrimp of mammon winter jasmine

Advocate makings: Wide range 200g, pork 50g, 50g of shelled fresh shrimps, on the west orchid 50g, 25g of winter bamboo shoots, agaric 4, dried mushrooms 4, egg 1, jiang Rong 5g

Bloat makings: Oyster sauce 5g, chestnut pink 5g, cooking wine 5ml, pepper right amount

Condiment: Oyster sauce 15g, sesame-seed oil 5ml, go up soup 500ml, give birth to powdery 82g


Will wide range has been boiled, section of pork of heat preservation; , shrimp goes bowelShanghai Long Feng forum

Forum of baby of new Shanghai noble
, wipe afore-mentioned bloating is used together after working makings bloat 15 minutes

Burn hot oil, explode sweet Jiang Rong, join the shelled fresh shrimps that has bloated and pork, join bamboo shoot, orchid, agaric and dried mushrooms are the same as on the west fry moment

Join afore-mentioned condiment to boil to juice thick, mix egg juice is spent into the egg, drench on the face

A shoe-shaped gold or silver ingot used as money in feudal China of good fortune as one wishes comes

Advocate makings: 500g of shelled fresh shrimps, go pricking cruelly oppress 500g, horse’s hoof 300g, flour 1500g

Complementary makings: Leek bead 50g, green ginger end each 20g, dried shrimps 30g

Condiment: Sesame-seed oil 10ml, oyster sauce 30g, unripe smoke 20ml, saline 3g, pepper 2g, 20ml of high-grade Shaoxing wine


Cruelly oppress, horse’s hoof is mincing

Explode with sesame-seed oil sweet dried shrimps and green ginger end, join next unripe smoke, salt, pepper and high-grade Shaoxing wine are boiled sweet. Final join oyster sauce

Close fire to join agitate of bead of cruelly oppress, horse’s hoof even, join leek bead, as dumpling stuffing

Flour synthesizes skin of dumpling face roll, stuffing skin of makings knead dough wraps dumpling together, put into former bead shelled fresh shrimps inside dumpling when the bag

What dish to fry to suit to put oyster sauce?

5 blessing1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

Love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch
Face door end-all

A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

Fall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna
Advocate makings: 50g of sea shrimp 80g, fish piece, scallop is counted only

Complementary makings: Any of several hot spice plants of celery, bean sprouts, colour paragraph, wormwood stalk each 60g1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

Condiment: 1000ml of 30g of oyster sauce 30g, sauce of 20ml of fancy bright soy, seafood, clear chicken broth


Handle piscine piece and sea shrimp, scallop clean

Will of all kinds vegetable processing is clean, had cut put in chaffy dish bottom, shanghai is placed above bright

Mix afore-mentioned flavoring equably, join clear chicken broth to be boiled, enter chaffy dish inside, boiling hind is boiled 3 minutes two can

Hot chicken of bead bead happiness is fourth

Advocate makings: Chicken 300g, pimiento 1/2

Condiment: 35g of sauce of pepper of Chengdu of 5ml of oyster sauce 15g, sesame-seed oil, garlic, amylaceous 5g


Sesame-seed oil and chicken and oyster sauce, starch mix divide evenly

Fry ripe chicken fourthLove Shanghai is the same as a city

Fall in love with the sea

Add pimiento and sauce of garlic Chengdu pepper, fry divide evenly to go up dish

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