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Corn is the cate that we often eat at ordinary times, corn is a kind of coarse food grain, but taste mouthfeel is first-rate, the nutrient value of corn is very tall, a lot of people like to eat corn at ordinary times, corn is in at ordinary times having a way also is very much, can thoroughly cook direct edible, OK still wear corn bead deepfry eat, smell is very not bad, deepfry corn bead is very delicious, and the practice also is very simple.

 The practice of bead of deepfry crisp corn

The practice of bead of deepfry crisp corn

Prepare fresh corn, use a tool or hand general jadeA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Denude of grain of rice comes.

The bubble in putting corn bead in clear water one bubble, make corn bead is each wet, stick more easily so on amylaceous.

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Will dry starch is put on corn bead, with the chopstickShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Mix is even, make be stuck on each corn bead have starch.

Put the jade grain of rice that sticks good starch into oily boiler, scamper shows golden scene to corn bead surface, can give boiler. OK still the be fond of according to oneself, scatter on white sugar or Zi like that pink, with respect to1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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More delicious.

 The practice of bead of deepfry crisp corn

Eat corn what to profit there is more?

Corn is called by people ” maize ” , ” bud cereal ” , ” maize ” , ” maize ” etc, it is the plant that a kind of summer harvests. The action of corn also is very much, have the courage of appetizing, benefit, clear damp and hot other a lot of effect in delaying peaceful heart of lung of anile, beneficial, shift. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine learns to think, corn sex makes the same score flavour pleasant, enter liver, kidney, cystic classics, bravery of benefit of detumescence of advantageous make water, smooth liver, be good at lienal ooze lung of appetizing, beneficial is peaceful in wet, attune the function such as heart, clear damp and hot.

A large number of crude fibre are contained in rice, have very big gain to preventing the disease such as heart disease, cancer. Like passing to also cannot eat corn alone food, also want to eat vegetable fruit more, after all corn also is not all nutrition part that included human body place to need. Corn has shift in appetizing, beneficial lung peaceful heart, clear damp and hot, benefit courage, defer the function such as consenescence. Corn is in all staple food, the nutrient value of corn and sanitarian action are highest.

Eat corn to wait to hypertensive, tall lipemia, fat disease more ” riches and honour is ill ” have appropriate. Somebody introduction, corn and Chinese flowering quince have make water of pair of chronic nephritis, coronary heart disease, sugar together1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Disease has profit, because corn contains a lot ofcellulose, can stimulate1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Bowel wriggles. Papaya also has clear the action that gastric bowel, often eat can prevent hypertension.

What person is unfavorable eat corn

Lack the crowd of the element such as calcic, iron. Because establish acid and food fiber are contained in coarse food grain, meeting union forms precipitation, block up airframe is right mineral absorption.

 The practice of bead of deepfry crisp corn

Have the multitude of digestion disease. If suffer from liver cirrhosis esophagus varicosity or it is gastric ulcer, eat a large number of coarse food grain easy cause vein burst haemorrhage and cankerous haemorrhage.

The crowd with immune low power. If be absorbed for a long time everyday cellulose exceeds 50 grams, can make protein compensatory suffocate suffocate of the person, adipose utilization rate is reduced, build what wait for viscera function into skeletal, heart, blood to damage, reduce the immune capacity of human body.

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