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In lotus seed bumper harvest when, a lot of people take lotus seed to do various cate, among them chicken of Bao of fresh lotus seed has nutrition together namely and flavour is delicious cate. Chicken itself has a variety of nutrition, suit each ages paragraph the person eats, and the method of the chicken broth that make also has a lot of, chicken of Bao of fresh lotus seed compares clear openingA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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, have officinal value plus lotus seed itself, this kind of cate is right healthy very advantageous.

Chicken of Bao of fresh lotus seed

One, about lotus

“The Na Tangqiu that collect lotus, lotus crosses poll; to lower his head to get lotus seed, lotus seed Qing Dynasty is like water. ” this is the poem in an official conservatory in the Han Dynasty for collecting and composing folk songs and ballads of a the Southern Dynasties, woman of a youth misses picture the lover’s anguish. Among them ” lotus seed ” homophonic ” pity child ” , means loves you. “Lower his head to doShanghai night net

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Lotus seed ” the passion that means loves you is like pure fidelity of the Qing Dynasty like water, continous far remote is long. Look suddenly under this is one writes the scene that collects lotus, original, the author is to borrow homonymous will express the feeling of lovesickness of the person that collect lotus. Lotus is called againNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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The gentleman in the flower, a kind of good moral quality in indicative China traditional culture: “Piece silty and do not catch, wash clear ripples and not bewitching ” . Symbolize clean-fingeredly: Build ” Qing Lian ” person, homophonic ” clean-fingered ” also. Indicative love: Lotus of lid lotus alias is beautiful, or cloud water lotus. “Lotus ” , “The husband is allowed ” also.

2, lotus seed of preserve one’s health

Lotus seed authority is not new, it is good to the body to say to eat lotus seed, but fortunately Where is where? The nutrient composition that we analyse lotus seed below and effect, lotus seed has raise the effect with serene heart. In old people especially brainworker often edible, can be good at head, enhance memory, improve work efficiency, can prevent senile and gawkish happening. In the center of lotus seedShanghai night net

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Green core, call lotus seed core, contain lotus heart different lotus heart is alkaline, alkaline wait for a variety of alkaloid, taste is extremely bitter, have the function of fire of clear hot have diarrhoea, still have distinct strong heart effect, can the week outside dilateShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Hemal, reduce blood pressure. Can treat talking around to give birth to sore, conduce to Morpheus. Use as benefiting medicine, fill lienal stop have diarrhoea, beneficial kidney difficult choice, raise a heart to calm the nerves.

1. prevents cancer to fight cancer: Lotus seed place contains oxidation yellow heart to cultivate Ning Jian to have inhibition to nose pharynx cancer, all these, formed the function of prevents cancer to fight cancer nutrient health care of lotus seed.

2. falls blood pressure: Lotus seed place contains alkaloid to have fall blood pressure action.

Chicken of Bao of fresh lotus seed

3. strong heart calms the nerves: Place of lotus seed core contains alkaloid to have distinct strong heart effect, lotus core is alkaline have fight calcium and the action that fight arrhythmia more by force.

4. is alimentary filling empty, stop difficult choice of involuntary discharge of urine: Lotus seed contains starch to abound, and the melitose that its contain, it is old little all the tonic of appropriate, to long empty of ill, postpartum or senile body person, beautiful of more commonly used nutrition tastes; lotus seed alkaline have the effect that stablizes sexual desire, much to young dream, seminal emission frequent or involuntary emission person, take feed lotus seed to have stop goodly action of difficult choice of involuntary discharge of urine.

3, recommend cate lotus seed to stew chicken broth

1, raw material: Chicken of whole young animal 1, lotus seed 2, lotus heart a few, water sends agaric 1, green, sweet green, ginger, Chinese prickly ash, salt, pepper is right amount.

2, practice: Young chicken is abluent, scald water goes out gore impurity. 4 bowls of hot water are added in arenaceous boiler, join the young chicken of scald water treatment, boil put lotus seed (ahead of schedule the one) with good in the evening bubble, a few of bead of rejoin green Jiang Duan, Chinese prickly ash, small fire Bao half hours, join heart of agaric, lotus, continue to boil 1 minute, use pepper finally slightlyShanghai noble baby

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Flavor, join a few salt, scatter on sweet onion powder, give boiler can edible.

3, nutrition comments on: Summer is hot and dry, people is easy be perturbed, belt of this soup bright syncopation is acrid, be helpful for preventing heatstroke, stable mood, also can help compensatory protein, vitamin B a group of things with common features, iron, zinc and salinity. And lotus seed itself contains a lot ofstarch, still can eat when staple food. For bad to intestines and stomach person, the meeting after summer eats cold drink and melon and fruit causes ministry of a few stomaches unwell, can add a bit ginger more in soup piece, warm intestines and stomach, can feel very comfortable. Soup flavour is delicious, lotus seed and agaric softness are goluptious, it is the enjoyment of a kind of taste. Fish out of whole young son chicken comes, touching ginger juice (unripe smoke, rice vinegar, Jiang Mo) will eat, with one action is much, can give two cooked food.

Chicken of Bao of fresh lotus seed

Respecting this, you understood, actually lotus seed is treasure all over, lotus root of heart of lotus, lotus seed, lotus, lotus has each nutrient effect each, sorching summer, this lotus seed stews chicken to give authority, hope everybody can tie-in food of nutrition, those who eat is healthy, those who eat is happy, delicate food, full amount waters, maintain a good state of mind, healthy and regular meeting around what be beside you.

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