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This dispute often suffers butter dot also or a kind of food that the schoolgirl likes, its taste exceedingly sweet and mouthfeel is very exquisite, because this people likes very much. Establish fat butter one kind this is butter, the element of evil to human body place is contained however in this kind of butter however, toNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Human body can have not little harm, suffer from intentional head blood-vessel easily for instance disease, diabetic also or arteriosclerosis and the memory that reduce people are waited a moment. What does the harm that butter of fat of the establish below detailed introduction comes to below have.

 The harm of establish fat butter

Bases of establish fat butter is hydrogen1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Matter oil, although compare animal butter fat,fat content wants low, quantity of heat also wants low, but opposite additive wants much, and cuisine is good without animal butter. A lot of people think, what the cake that make uses in cake room is common butter, it is wrong actually. This kind ” bright butter ” have nothing to do with butter at all, its bases is plant grandma essence, it is the mixture of component of content of hydrogenation vegetable oil, amylaceous hydrolyze, a few protein and other additive agent for food actually, the colour and lustre of establish fat butter comes from edible pigment, the gust of its milk comes from artificial flavor.

 The harm of establish fat butter


1, plant butter can increase haemal sticky consistencyFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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2, plant butter can raise low density fat kind amount, reduce high density fat kind amount, promote arteriosclerosis thereby.

3, composition of high in syrup, the to human body harm of the fatty acid that return form in butterine particularly serious, his harm to human body falls with respect to the introduction below,

 The harm of establish fat butter

The 1) , memory that tries fatty acid to be able to affect human body instead, because turn over type fatty acid to have boycott action; to can promoting a kind of cholesterol of human memory

The 2) , fatty acid that return form is inside human body almostForum of Shanghai night net

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Nonexistent, and be digested extremely not easily to absorb by human body, accumulate easily in celiac cure, bring about fat; thereby

The 3) , fatty acid that return form can reduce the exudation of the androgen, produce negative effect to spermatozoon active, bring about spermatozoon to be interrupted in the physiology active inside human body thereby;

Acid of the 4) , fat that return form grows to be in fat of budding teenager childrenFall in love with the sea

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Acerbity absorption produces block, the growth that still can create central nervous system development is built undesirable. Because this butterine food is not high grade food, best little contact this kind of food. Although want to eat, also want to affecting the edible below oneself healthy circumstance.

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