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Have loose bowels this kind of circumstance is very common in the life, to a few often for the patient of have loose bowels, on food, need attention, the food of cold sex should eat less as far as possible, because of patient stomach can be caused after eating cold, the case that causes have loose bowels is more severe, and to control oneself illness, the fruit also should eat as far as possible ripe, can use Wen Shui to thoroughly cook, so can have loose bowels eat hawkthorn?

Can have loose bowels eat hawkthorn

Can diarrhoea eat hawkthorn

Have loose bowels can eat hawkthorn. Can eat hawkthorn, hawkthorn is contained pectic more, OK and adsorptive moisture, help bowel path fights bacterium, purify toxin. Dan Rewei acid is overmuch, the person that has enteron ulcer is fed less. Can eat raw, after the water that boil more acerbity put pleasant of some of flavour of candy edible hawkthorn easily, acerbity, the gender is lukewarm.

Hawkthorn weighs fruit of the fruit of large Chinese hawthorn, Shan Ligong, rouge again. There already is 3000 to help advance somebody’s career for years in our country the history. According to Chinese disease precaution controls central nutrition and food safety place is newest determine show, hawkthorn contains a lot ofa variety of nutrition material, what highlight particularly is: With every 100 grams hawkthorn pulp is exemple: Contain VC53 milligram, mix under bright jujube only in the fruit yangtao, contain VE7.32 milligram, the coronal that resides a fruit, contain carotene 100 microgramme, in the be among the best of candidates in rose division fruit. VC, VE and carotene are antioxidant, can enhance airframe immunity power, enhance a constitution. It is certain to eat hawkthorn to be able to have constantly prevent anile, hairdressing, prevent cancer and precautionary artery the action of congee appearance sclerosis.

Can have loose bowels eat hawkthorn

The action of hawkthornLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

Love Shanghai is the same as a city

1, prevent cancer, fight cancer

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Consider to discover in recent years, the compound of a kind of Jing Su calling male is contained in hawkthorn, have the effect that fights cancer. Inferior saltpetre amine1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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, the happening that yellow aspergillus element all can cause enteron cancer or accentuation, and the experiment considers to make clear, hill1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Fluid not only can block is broken inferior the synthesis of saltpetre amine, still can control the function causing cancer of yellow aspergillus element. So, the tall danger crowd of enteron cancer should often edible hawkthorn, to having the patient of cancer, hawkthorn, rice also can be used one case when be like occurrence indigestion edible of the congee that boil, such already but aid digestion, can rise to assist the action that fights cancer again.

2, strong heart, fall hematic fat, fall blood pressure

Clinical research confirms, hawkthorn can reduce serum cholesterol and triglyceride significantly, ; hawkthorn returns sclerosis of appearance of congee of artery of effective prophylaxis and treatment can contract through strengthening cardiac muscle force, increase blood-vessel of cardiac output, outspread coronary artery, increase blood stream of coronal arteries and veins quantity, reduce cardiac muscle oxygen demand to wait for the effect that has strong heart and precautionary angina. In addition, the total yellow ketone in hawkthorn has the effect of outspread blood-vessel and abiding step-down. Accordingly, tall blood fat, hypertension reachs patient of coronary heart disease, daily and desirable unripe hawkthorn 30 grams of 15 ~ , drink of acting tea of water simmer in water.

Can have loose bowels eat hawkthorn

3, remedial dysmenorrhoea, menstruation is not moved

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks hawkthorn has invigorate the circulation of blood to change the intention of silt, the dietotherapy beautiful that is patient of hematic silt dysmenorrhoea is tasted. Patient of hematic silt dysmenorrhoea often is behaved for go by before day or 2 classics 1 ~ produces the 1st ~ 2 days alvine ache, need classics blood when eduction is fluent, be reduced gradually sorely or disappear, and classics blood color is dark, companion has clot. The patient is desirable and complete short of the Xian Shan that take a nucleus 1000 grams, abluent hind add right amount water, slow fire infusion comes hawkthorn is know sth thoroughly, join brown sugar 250 grams, again infusion 10 minutes, wait for its to becomeLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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For rare mushy can.

Before classics 3 ~ begin 5 days to take, daily time eats hawkthorn mashed vegetable or fruit each 30 milliliter, till classics hind stops 3 days to take, this is a period of treatment, take 3 period of treatment to be able to get effective repeatedly. This law also suits menstruation to be not moved, the person that card of differentiate of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is hematic silt.

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