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In the life, the utility of cucumber is very diversiform, can use at cooking not just, the hairdressing effect of cucumber also gave a name. Of course, Shanghai noble baby

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Of cucumber having a way is varied more, a lot of moment a bowl of congee, match cucumber of on one bowl of pickle again, use go with rice to taste mouthfeel also is very pretty good. Most pickle cucumber needs souse, want to note time so, how is that pickle cucumber done?

How is pickle cucumber done

1. practice one

Small cucumber is abluent go head end, what cent cuts 3 centimeters is long paragraph of shape, cut 4 petaline account again, catch with a few salt mix bloat to softness. Red turnip, onion is abluentForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Cut into shreds, leek is abluent cut paragraphs small to reserve. All condiment put a basinFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Mix in even, put red turnip, onion and leek to catch mix bloat to tasty, put small cucumber to mix again divide evenly, will red turnip, onion and leek a place of strategic importance enter small cucumber in the mouth, sealed hind put freezer to refrigerate 3 days can edible.

How is pickle cucumber done

2. practice 2

Cucumber is abluent, 1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Those who cut 5CM to grow paragraph, vertical stroke rises, above cut a cross, do not cut after all. With 5g salt clean water becomes salt solution, immerse cucumber half hours. Leek cuts man, green Chinese onion, garlic, ginger cuts 10g of finally and chili pink, white sugar, salt, add a few clean water to mix condiment of divide evenly make it. The cucumber that has bloated wipes moisture with clean cloth. Press the two end that approach cucumber, add after entering condiment, enter cucumber small jar. dip1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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The brine of bubble cucumber enters condiment in the bowl, enter small jar again, had pressed cucumber with gravelstone head or small dish.

How is pickle cucumber done

3. practice 3

With big salt knead abluent cucumber, cut what grow into 2 centimeters paragraph, draw out melon seed, use cucumber the fish out after brine bloats 30 minutes, condiment puts wear of agitate juice engine together mushy, tone becomes pickle condiments. White pear juice is added in condiments. leek end and condiments gently agitate, the condiments that has mixedForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Put cucumber Duan Li, put a pine nut finally can.

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