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Menstruation is special period, the female does not eat namely in what menstruation must notice cool, as far as possible the stuff that drinks a few ice less, but everybody also needs to notice, drinking also is as far as possible want to notice. The female has 3 time that drink tea not easily. Menses pregnancy, still having is the turn of life, want to notice.

Can menses drink tea?

The female shoulds not be 3 times drink tea period

1. menses. Classics blood can take away partial iron to pledge, food of ferreous of much complement of this what is appropriate to the occasion, wait like spinach, apple, grape, contain in tea however be as high as 30Shanghai night net

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% to the tannic acid of 50% , the absorption with qualitative to iron mucous membrane of can cloggy bowel is used, extremely easy in alvine path with food medium1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Iron or enrich the blood the iron in medicine is united in wedlock, generation precipitates.

Can menses drink tea?

2. pregnancy. Forum of Shanghai night netLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Theine chroma is contained to be as high as 10% in strong tea, the micturition of meeting aggravate pregnant woman and heart beat, increase burden of the heart of pregnant woman, kidney, causeLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Gravid and toxic disease. Drink before about to give birth too much thickLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Tea party causes insomnia because of the excited action of theine, when bringing about childbirth exhausted, labor pains is faint, cause difficult labor even. The high concentration tannic acid in tea is absorbed to enter blood to circulate by mucous membrane, meeting generation astringent and control function of mammary gland excretive, cause grandma juice to secrete inadequacy. The theine in tea still can be passed galactic enter infantile system inside, affect infantile health.

Can menses drink tea?

3. the turn of life. When woman the turn of life besides giddy, lack of power, return meeting occurrence heartbeat to pass sometimes fast, easy be swayed by one’s emotions, return inadequacy of meeting occurrence Morpheus, menstrual function is disorder wait for a symptom, if excessive drinks tea,can accentuate these symptoms.

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