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Banana, can saying is a kind of fruit that a lot of people like to eat very much, often the metabolism that edible banana can promote human body effectively, compensatory nurture is qualitative, love by people. Hotpot, a kind of food that people likes very much also is in the life, its nutrient value also is unusually rich. So, can the hotpot in daily life and banana eat together? What does the nutrient value of hotpot have? Look together below.

Can the hotpot in daily life and banana eat together

Hotpot can be as OK as banana eat together, hotpot cannot feed together with the following food:

Hotpot + pumpkin: Two fill at the same time, stop up of gas of intestines and stomach making a person

Hotpot + pea seedling: Easy happening icteric and beriberi

Hotpot + pumpkin child: May cause abdominal distension, bosomA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Wait for disease frowzily.

Hotpot + the tuber of pinellia: Have share of influence battalion nurturance together absorb

Hotpot + conch: Diarrhoea

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Hotpot + watermelon: Injury vigour

Hotpot + tea: Incidental constipation

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Hotpot + fabaceous sauce: Both function is contrary, should not be eat together

Hotpot + prune dish: Eat together time cause a bosom frowzily

Hotpot + pomfret: The absorption of influence nutriment

Hotpot + Chinese chestnut: Both is stodgy, stew together fry in all not appropriate, may eat to still can cause sickness together even

Hotpot + cheese: Both function is contrary, should not be eat together

Hotpot + lily: Diarrhoea

Hotpot + bare red bean: Feed together meeting cause toxic

Hotpot + vinegar: Hotpot is heated up greatly, functional beneficial gas contains protein, candy, vitamin, acetic acid to reach a variety of organic acid in vinegar of filling empty; , its sex acid is lukewarm, invigorate the circulation of blood of subsidence of a swelling, answer to cooperate with cold sex food, as unfavorable as hotpot

Hotpot + why headShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Black: The body unwell

Hotpot + bamboo shoot: Eat together can cause toxic, can use ground oar water cure

The edible of hotpot the effect

1. lukewarm filling taste

Use at treating taste empty cold be caused byA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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queasy, body emaciated, Wei is cold wait for disease.

2. kidney of lukewarm filling liver

The lumbar genu aching and limp that is used at treating be caused by of kidney deficiency of yang is cold painful, impotent wait for disease.

3. enrichs the blood lukewarm via

The abdomen that is used at cold be caused by of classics of postpartum deficiency of blood and pathological changes caused by it is cold painful.

Mucous membrane of 4. protection stomach

Hotpot can protect gastric wall, increase digestForum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby
Enzymatic exudation, help aid digestion. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, hotpot still has the effect of filling kidney Zhuang Yang, suit a man often edible. Ovine whole body is treasure. Hotpot is superexcellent dietotherapy health care is tasted, bravery of grandma of liver of bone of blood of hotpot, sheep, sheep, sheep, sheep, sheep is waited a moment usable the cure at a variety of diseases, have higher officinal value.

Above is can eat together about hotpot and banana the introduction. After believing to read this article, you also had certain knowledge to contraindication of relevant alimental food. Before take food, whether is the food that must know oneself to eat first overcome, can cause bromatoxism probably otherwise, to healthy bring certain harm.

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