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A pure preserve one’s health feeds capable person, special the reception that gets public figure of preserve one’s health, many people do boiling water with ginkgo, ginkgo is having very rich nutrition value, but can pregnant woman eat ginkgo after all? How should pregnant woman notice his food? We understand below.

Pregnant woman can eat ginkgo, what to notice

One, pregnant woman careful eat ginkgo. Ginkgo belongs to a medicinal material kind, although have very high edible price1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Value, medical value and sanitarian effect. But study according to modern medicine, there is one sort to seem the matter with alkaline eagle in ginkgo, inside the animal of solution infuse experiment it, the animal can appear convulsive, finally but because medulla oblongata is paralytic and die. Adult everyday general cannot edible exceeds 7, cause easily otherwise toxic. Be likeA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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2, ginkgo nutrition value is extremely rich, but if edible excessive may be caused toxic, especially child, pregnant woman wants careful edible. Pregnant woman absorbs excessive ginkgo to may appear the following symptom:

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Pregnant woman can eat ginkgo, what to notice

1. has the enteron symptom such as disgusting, vomiting, bellyacke, diarrhoea, inappetence, can appear even abortive danger.

2. can appear rigidity of irritating, scared, convulsions, limbs, convulsive, limply, break down, the symptom such as breathing difficulty.

3. complication: Produce serious and toxic phenomenon, die even.

Pregnant woman can eat ginkgo, what to notice

The effect of ginkgo with action

Ginkgo has beneficial lung gas, treat cough asthma, stop the belt is bug, contractible, smooth chapped is knitted, protect blood vessel, increase blood stream the dietotherapy action such as the quantity and medical the effect. According to modern medicine research, ginkgo still has unobstructed blood-vessel, improvement brain function, defer consenescence of old people cerebra, enhance memorial capacity, cure senile and gawkish disease and head offer the effect such as hematic inadequacy, the ability that ginkgo fights consenescence is affected in the science of Germany and France very big.

Ginkgo still can protect the hepatic, bronchus systole that reduces the arrhythmia, mortality in preventing allergic reaction, still butLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Be protected in order to apply at coping with different of platoon of asthmatic, transplanting, miocardial infarction, apoplectic, organ and dialytic.

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