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Morpheus is the thing that we should have everyday, as a result of,can be all sorts of reasons, the Morpheus quality that has a lot of friend is not too good, and the case that still a lot of friend can have insomnia, this not only can affect daily life and work, and still can have serious effect to the body, we have insomnious circumstance to must undertake recuperating, be being massaged among them is a kind of method, below IForum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby
People understand massage head to treat insomnia to have togetherForum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby
What method?

Massage head treats insomnia to have what method

1, day door drives acupuncture point law

Two big toe show the abdomen is clingy Yu Yintang acupuncture point, both hands beyond points to fixed head 2 side. Left big toe imprints oneself first hall acupuncture point is perpendicular up elapse, acupuncture point of classics god front courtyard advances acupuncture point of supreme heavenly body, next two big toe are shown left below, right on, left on, push alternately when right similarly hereinafter rub. Gimmick comes by delay fast, by come gently heavy, push repeatedly rub about 1 minute, push right now rub local generation hot feeling, center to between the eyebrows.

2, site of 100 meetings hole is pressed palm rub law

In 100 meetings with needle of right hand big toe acupuncture point is nodded by, wait for local generation to bilge again after hemp feels, convert instantly big toe abdomen comes back rub, undertake agreement 30 seconds alternately repeatedly so, back-to-back it is axes with 100 meetings acupuncture point with the centre of the palm, exert oneself to do sth. equably1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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By pressure with come back rub about 30 seconds.

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1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

3, jade hammer kowtows strike a law

Tuck up with finger tip will use knock head, find the force that suits oneself, Forum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Next knock, of a platoon knock.

Kowtow force is sent by wrist ministry when attacking, swing force even, cannot too heavy, cannot too light, stronger oscillation feels and do not become aware in order to have it is sorely degree. About 1 minute.

4, 10 point to comb a law

In order to show era combs, finger tip exert oneself at scalp, both hands undertakes at the same time, begin to submit fan form from forehead from forward pusher rub. Gimmick is given priority to with kneading, soft in the belt is firm. Ministry of meeting feeling in the end is right now relaxed intimacy. About 1 minute.

5, law of stroke static breath

Part with double palm rub head, rub face, rub buccal. Gimmick is kneaded gently, about 1 minute, end whole massage period of treatment again.

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Massage head treats the introduction of insomnious method, this also is the method that a kind of traditional Chinese medical science massages recuperation, there is main effect when recuperating insomnia, after the case that has insomnia additionally, we also should notice the recuperation of the mood, be in especially at ordinary times when also should have campaign appropriately, bleb foot also can be heated up before sleeping.

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