Does Tokyo header suffer attention: because of successive cry bitterly? Is the foot of mountain firm moth iridium second iridium  male?

Lane of Wei of Qi Lu net on July 28 dispatch (Y爱上海同城手机版

u Bo sends Sun Donghao of reporter of lightning sports exercitation from Wei 上海夜网论坛

lane) leg of cup of Lu Nengwei lane already crossed most, the match will receive an official tomorrow. 1-4 of afterwards of Japanese FC Tokyo not enemy after German Wolfe Si Bao, yesterday discharge a contest 0-1 suffers line of Lu Nengtai mountain is killed absolutely. Two successional are defe爱上海同城对对碰

ated by a ball to make team morale is decreased greatly, captain this world of fragrant congratulate day also got pay close attention to because of cry bitterly and lose.

This afternoon, lightning sports to FC Tokyo header this world of fragrant congratulate day undertook interviewing, speak of oneself be in the expression of Wei lane cup, he expresses: Although won a contest only, but we drew a lesson from inside the match, discovered the inadequacy of oneself, also accumulated experience to attend taller match later.

Group contest is defeated by Woerfusibao last times, cry bitterly of edge of fragrant congratulate field is more than, very sad, before the coach goes up, comfort of no help, to this, he explains, we were embracing the cause of get victory that day, hit only win the match to just be met the group gives a clue, but German group is very powerful, although not reconciled to but still be over was defeated, also meet after us with conquer they are a target, continue to cheer.

As to speak of last match tomorrow, he says: Although be the 7th contention only, but we must win, regular meeting goes all out finally.

Fragrant congratulate him introduction is to was born 2000, this year 17 years old, begin practice a ba阿爱上海同城

ll game from 3 years old, should tell oneself in one’s childhood experience, he also e上海贵族宝贝交流区

xpresses, just began kickball to feel very bitter very tired, oneself are very loath also, but pass period of time adjust, with teammate people train hard together, oneself gradually loved to go up to move this.

Advert is the following dream, fragrant congratulate expresses, oneself target is the member that make ball of a star, although oneself still have now,be not worth, but oneself can struggle hard for the target all the time.

The photograph that should be informed him cry bitterly circulates on the net moment, the say with fragrant bashful congratulate, hope next time what everybody sees is me after triumph, show the picture of happ爱上海龙凤419桑拿

y smile.

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