” mission call 4 ” does promotion of HD woodcut face have how old? Comparative video is announced

IW announced formally today ” mission call 4: Edition of refashion of modern war HD ” veil, so does this work look compare Yu Yuan edition how to many promotion there is on the picture? The picture contrast that gives off through DualShockers together will be experienced.

Although ” mission call 4: Modern war ” let a player feel glad already on the picture in those days, but time of 9 years still gifted the picture with enough IW promotes a space. Besides the qualitative change on game resolution, IW also did not little work on the detail of game, if grain detail is mixed,build modular detail. Quite they still renovated moral the frequency of game, and specific aim ground was joined can promote sport more very much true reality phonic effect.

” mission call 4: Edition of refashion of modern war HD ” will follow on November 4 ” mission call 13: Infinite war ” together put on sale. Regretful is this game won’t sell independently, can bind only in a few specific version ” mission call 13: Infinite war ” in.

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