Huge content frightens make water you! Numinous horror ” Oxenfree ” land PS4

The numinous horror that Night School atelier makes is made newly ” Oxenfree ” already landed Xbox One and PC platform, was about to land PS4 on May 31, at the same time PS4 edition will have huge new content. The player will experience the new element of game, continue hero Alex’s story, was head and shoulders above game the ending of inchoate version.

” Oxenfree ” new edition will have a new play + mode, continue Alex’s story, have a new target. This part content will be in the story of the character of ending succeed add of game, pointed to new way and new ending, introduced new site and information at the same time, help player understands the world outlook of game morely.

The loudspeaker that new version also will use DUALSHOCK 4 handle and light advantage, use these functions to regard the numinous radio of game as handle.

Does numinous adventure swim? ? Play ” Oxenfree ” the half brother that leading role is Alex and her two teenagers want Qiaonasi to be stationed in in deserted soldier one night is spent on the island, however 2 people accident was released deadly and weird ghostliness. To live, they need to enhance friendship through the dialog, and Alex also will use a strange radio and ghostliness dialog to operate the world.

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