Japanese analyst forecasts PS5 general in November 2020 499 dollars of price of put on sale

Recently, the analyst Hideki Yasuda of institute of economy of Japanese Osaka Ace was done in the light of the price of PS5 analyse and forecast, this analyst is in with its of game market forecast accuracy and little famous energy of life, see this next analysts He Gao sees together. Analyst Hideki Yasuda expresses: “I think PS5 general in November 2020 put on sale, japanese place price may be 40980 yen, and may sell with 499 dollars in western country. Arrived on March 31, 2021 that day, PS5 sale will be achieved 6 million, and the same day 2022, sale will be as high as 15 million. ” in addition, hideki Yasuda still claims the sales volume that game of high in the clouds and Gu Ge Stadia can not affect PS5, players can be forecasted to his support wait-and-see attitude, also can consult possibly as a kind the price.

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