WHO general and talk of 3 large organizations discuss game to whether belong to mental disease into addiction

A decision last year caused World Health Organization inside alive bound limits tremendous controversy, they label electronic game mental disease into addiction. This act brought about of game industry criticize with all possible means, the person that criticize among them sponsors association of software of entertainment of square United States with respect to what include E3 (ESA) , England is interactive recreation (UKIE) with federation of European interactive software (ISFA) . The world defends an organization to decided to undertake plead for this, say this classification accords with general regulation and program. At that time, the world defends the plan that the organization appears and did not have discussion with game industry group, because they want ” avoid advertisement organization and other investment group to want to take the opportunity the possibility that undertakes advertisement is publicized ” . Nevertheless, the world defends constituent manner to have some of bate it seems that now, decision and ESA, UKIE and ISFA have a conversation. This 4 large organizations decide to have a talk in Geneva, undertake discussing to this one problem, make the plan of farther communication. Stanley Pierre-Louis of ESA presiding apparitor expresses: “We hope to be able to promote the dialogue go down, with this help the world defends an organization to avoid to appear the ultra act that a few need had spent old ability to correct and error. The player of billions of game on the world will be affected wrongly by ICD-11 classify, these study more should careful ability is right. ” UKIE respect complements, this kind of classification can be brought about by accident examine risk, the decision that the world defends an organization should is based on ” strong clear evidence ” . ISFE also expresses to hold with to this, think ” this one classification lacks main evidence ” , and ” diaphaneity is lacked in classified process ” . We will undertake tracing a story to follow-up progress.

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