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Young lovers or hard to avoid can undertake osculant between husband and wife, the kiss is a very romantic thing not only, still can bring a lot of profit to the body at the same time, can conduce to for instance hairdressing and raise colour, tooth of OK still and effective precautionary eat by moth and reduce negative sentiment to wait a moment, but appear when human body when catching a disease, can make both sides afraider, for example phthisical disease, so can tuberculosis kiss?

Can tuberculosis kiss

The first, can tuberculosis kiss? Be in clinical on, phthisical patient is when cough, sneeze and loud conversation, can sow the flying foam that contains n/med tuberculosis bacterium come looseNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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In, if the person all round is inspiratory if containing the flying foam of n/med tuberculosis bacterium, be infected likely, healthy person may pass inspiratory patient’s ejective flying foam and by infection, 1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Have the possibility that catchs phthisical disease in order to kiss.

Can tuberculosis kiss

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The 2nd, the daily precautionary measures of phthisical disease. Control is good infect a source. The person that got tuberculosis should prevent a person much public, should rest in the lie in bed in the home or do exercise appropriately to the person’s little place, the person is much public not only air is muddy, and the disease catchs the disease easily also to others, to prevent the transmission of phthisical disease, him mouth covers when normal person should notice to cough in other, lest the flying foam of inspiratory belt bacterium1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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And cause infect. Cut off its to spread a way. Be in at ordinary times the clean sanitation that phthisical patient must notice bedroom environment, timely undertake alexipharmic handling, because undesirable bedroom environment creates a bacteria very easily, allow the condition that phthisical bacteria appears to breed in great quantities very easily also, accordingly, maintain a bedroom clean sanitation is to be helpful for disease of tuberculosis of prevention and cure happening. Protect easy feeling crowd. Strength of lesser to those ages, bodyForum of Shanghai night net

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Younger children can increase strength through the means of vaccination, the means that adult can exercise through strengthening the body will enhance oneself immunity power.

Can tuberculosis kiss

Can tuberculosis kiss? Pass the concrete analysis above, we know, the patient of phthisical disease passes a kiss is to be caused likely infect, because this reminds phthisical patient and healthy person, work in the daily precaution that must make good tuberculosis disease at ordinary times, the attention does good environment sanitation, will achieve the goal that precautionary tuberculosis disease infects through afore-mentioned tripartite face measure.

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