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Wrong sound track is polypous this is a kind of circumstance that a lot of people appear more easily, causing the reason that has this kind of case is more, because be caused thereby by the infection of virus sex,be likely, it is suffer from excessive internal heat likely cause thereby. Because human body appears,this kind of disease can bring a lot of bad influences, so people hopes to take a few step as soon as possible had treated its, polyp of wrong sound track introduces how to should do in detail below.

Wrong sound track is polypous

Vocal cords polyp is the benign new live thing that produces in vocal cords surface. Clinical the main show that attend is cracked, the examination sees vocal cords surface submits polypous form, some vocal cords polyp have broad base, some vocal cords have state of fine the base of a fruit polypously. Be aimed at vocal cords polyp, clinical on adopt an operation to excise polyp, basically prop up the undergo surgery below laryngoscope to excise in microscope, need be in hospital, need issues undergo surgery in complete hemp. Before undergo surgery is treated, can try to use medicaments to undertake handling, what heat up detoxify like Qing Dynasty is medium officinal, still have sugar coriaceous hormone.

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Polyp is the common and benign tumor of vocal cords, because use voice,be normally excessive, vocal cords allows to overcome type clearance oedema to be formed gradually, if small polyp can be adopted,promote to a high office wait for conservative cure, if guard cure to improve not only, can consider endoscope to fall small achieve an operation to have treatment, or laser is refrigerant wait, belong to small start an operation.

Wrong sound track is polypous


[Treat policy]

Vocal cords polyp is inchoate can use ban sound and inspiratory and antiphlogistic medicine to have treatment, later period of vocal cords polyp, polyp greatens to need undergo surgery to excise gradually.


Local can give physiotherapy and pulverization inspiratory treatment. Restrain hydrochloric acid in gastric juice to secrete, the chronic inflammation of the guttural mucous membrane that because larynx pharynx countercurrent is caused,decreases, can cure and precautionary vocal cordsLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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[Operation cure]

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Resection of vocal cords polyp, it is the main treatment method with at present polypous vocal cords. Operation method has a variety of, can inspect the particular case such as polypous size, place and calm. Lesser polyp can pass fiber laryngoscope below exterior anaesthesia or undertake excising below electronic laryngoscope, after patient of polyp of great majority vocal cords uses complete hemp, microscope falls in the laryngoscope that prop up additional laser excision operation and microscopical operation of technology of appliance small piece.

Wrong sound track is polypous

[Nurse daily]

1.The life should have the law, the attention is healthy, enhance a constitution, precaution catchs a cold. 2. Carry out by doctor’s advice ban sound about 2 reach 3 weeks, abstain from shout, injure vocal cords sequence of thought in case. 3. Proper enlarge bosom motion and canter, maintain pressure of bosom, abdomen, phonate in order to maintain complete reach successional. 4. As soon as possible treats guttural ministry inflammation thoroughly.

[Dietary recuperation]

1. attention is mixed from C of A of vitamin of the complement in food, vitamin vitamin of B a group of things with common features. Eat good to voice food more, for instance apple, pear, orange, banana, green turnip, tomato, be beneficial to wet one’s whistle, hawk is mixed sound, contain a variety of vitamins andA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Inorganic salt, beneficial to maintaining health. 2. NotA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Excessive drink reach the thing with too acrimony edible. 3. Eat super-cooling overheat food less.

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