Of bright of bright of Li of young trailing plants of big fight of 336 meetings place. . .


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[playtime] :
[J S native place] : Northeast
[J S age] : 25 years old
[J S amount] : Not clear
[recreational project] : ISO Simple complete set
[recreation costs] : 300
[evaluate integratedly] : Reputably
[recreation comments on] : Technician is plump skin white, service is meticulous and tender
  See the card that the netizen that store of village of abundant of 336 meetings place has played sends goes on dragon phoenix net, be very interested, have the impulse of bit of itch to try, have allegedly plump model northeast younger sister, the service is absolutely good, can make guest bright delighted, I think or I experience personally. Company just right sends me to go this afternoon fine be away on official business surely, before handling public affairs to drive, go to 336, secretly be on the tiles.
To store of village of abundant of 336 meetings place, the feeling is decorated pretty good, tai Xiaodi rises to be recieved enthusiasticly, get house of artillery piece of on 2 buildings, clean and the room is capacious, the bed is big bed, the first feeling this inn is hardware pretty good, want to see software next how. Mms gets plump model northeast younger sister, I the first very satisfactory, it is me those who like is plump model technician, say to MMS with respect to her. She went taking kit to enter PF, lock door, she is in the nude actively first, my strip is helped again later, entered shower room to say not to want me to start work, she helps me rinse, wash but meticulous tenderness, the key washs my bosom, back, JJ and fart eye, after was being wiped, go to bed makes B range first, with her Na Tingting’s Shuang Feng pushs cervical vertebra from the foot that position, use him next that is soft soft sweet tongue is in from earlobe slowly lick crural leg fastidiously, later again DL, next face about comes again A face does buccal xiao, my hand also takes the chance to feel private part of her bosom hip enough, she sees my JJ is already strong up, ask I leave stealthily had worked, agreed in me, she goes up set, female on, male on, hind the patience that enter type cooperates me, let me insert enough, in final missionary next firm insert type more than 100 times to blast off come to an end. Accompany in hers protect fall to wash YYY to dress again send next buildings.
Overall feeling today worthy trip, the price of 300 has this plump and northeast younger sister nake serve me 60 minutes, satisfy my sexual desire adequately abreact, absolutely content is worth somewhat, this technician is 24 years old probably, the figure is round, fluctuate all over white fair and snow-white, when be being taken than dressing after bare body more congenial. Tenderness is added seriously in serving a process, often still ask I am comfortable stealthily. She is I play a few this years in pushing oil, the most gratified and satisfactory technician that encounter. Next buildings when the stage pays, see plum elder sister, she seeks my opinion, I said 4 words: All wool and a yard wide.

[spatial photograph] : Won’t do [recreational address] : Road of abundant village north 347
[J S name] : 610
[recreational map] : Won’t do