[Xin Yue meeting place] give furnace red shop sign newly, skin becomes warped after the protruding before Bai Mei breeds.


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[playtime] : 7.13
[J S native place] : Short for Zhejiang Province
[J S age] : 26
[J S amount] : 10
[recreational project] : AM XT MY DL TUNT TUIT FJ
[recreation costs] : 220
[evaluate integratedly] : Reputably
[recreation comments on] : Goddess and I connect a phone to say the waist was hurt recently today, but newcome you come to a few little red shop signs play play, my phone you expressed sympathy and solicitude for goddess a few, set out went in inn, will in inn return is in that way familiar, the service is good in that way still, downstage little younger brother is very kind you change eldest brother shoe, I take you to go to a room, I asked next having those a few newcome, his feeling says 2 I say I like big milk, he says to arrive on forces, the girl that crossed not much stylish to arrive appeared, skin of bingle big tit is white, protruding hind becomes warped before, I what look this kind of v/arc a well-traveled is not controlled a bit, say immediately with respect to you, the girl goes taking a thing, I bathe immediately, I bathe to come out the girl has been in the room. Wipe the body to lie to the bed for me.
                     Begin to massage, I say your technique is good, she says I am in because,old before store is head card, younger sister of my young lady comes in this ability not a few days, I say to want to let me experience the service that leaves you well that today I but the old guest here ah. Of her come to an agreement or understanding, I can endeavor, those who laugh is very sweet, massage skill is very superior, the bosom is pushed later is I feel the most comfortable, the ability that that skin has him to had tried only knows much more comfortable. Roam later do let me each times resemble getting an electric shock. DL is inserted very after litre, buttock promotes buttock pork later is good more, assist of a word, I put forward to let me try a leg to push later, when pushing, I am feeling hare of 2 become known to fasten Titus happiness, this stunner this skin this feels character do not know to use what stunner really, feel tired to call her plane shipment next, I what she hits a plane to absolutely skill is hit am very comfortable, do not have shipment a little while, I was helped press ham a little while again later, the tireddest after wolf friend knows shipment is ham, this girl is very considerate, my YYY is accompanied after, after coming out, I say you are pretty good I should make a wolf friendly people share together below, a few pieces can you pat to illuminate to me? She says I never had taken a picture. Can patting a few pieces secretly only next time, this girl no matter any respects are OK.

                    Above is viewpoint of small wolf individual. Do not be fond of not gush.

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