The student younger sister of pure charm comes clear on the experience, the flavour of first love! !


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[free time] : 2016.5.29
[information source] : Kiss body check
[Yi person full name] : Fine
[Yi Ren year Zuo ] : 21
[appearance manner] : 90
[environmental equipment] : Come
[free project] : KJ, ML, DL
[free expenditure] : 400
[safe hidden trouble] : Safe
[contact means] QQ:3452196865
[free detail] :
This wolf is inborn sexual desire is exuberant, before paragraph time strikes the girl of lane one blast people not much, really fast hold back became foolish ah. Good not easy when limelight delay, open QQ to ask ask a few good causes, hesitating when, friend of a wolf accused a when send me to say he has been met a few times by last year tall as it happens learning younger sister suddenly to come back. , be her, tall feminine perception is bright. Agreed to open a time room. Because be acquaintance introduction, what did the little sister ask more so, see MM again, the sense is good, it is the kind that can make a man rapid be held out, the figure is carried high, long hair waves, chin of red phoenix sharp-eyed. Still wore a pair of alluring black silk socks especially, make two legs more slender. A hug comes on the horse that take the door, very enthusiastic. Greeted a little while with the little sister, MM is quite conversable. Chatted foolishly a little while, MM signal strip bathes, because small wolf is used to him to wash,also did not ask to accompany bath, individual feeling sees the appearance that be in the nude can lack a lot of emotional appeal directly. After washing key place, MM uses bath towel attentive had brushed, show consideration for even the foot had brushed. MM feels the skin very smooth, chest is not very big, probably B cover cup, feeling nevertheless quite comfortable still. Begin a service, girl KH is very comfortable, did not have tine feeling. All sorts of licking, wrap, turn, and still often of bewitch by cajolery look at me, if the tongue is clever anguine unkennel is general, the egg that lick an egg is very careful also of hemp of crisp limp and numb. The little brother that looks at oneself is in the mouth of MM, the ceaseless in and out below the tongue, if golden cudgel is general,little little brother is hard is really. Mouth a little while, MM begins a service to put fire on the ice. The technology still calculates pretty good, behavioral gentleness can take care of a mood very much, and reach the designated position. Played a little while, begin to wear set enter. Because feel the buttock of MM is quite bouncy, turn over her then direct hind into, what tighten again is heat up again inside, wrap up feeling holds out feeling by force. Because the mouth is vivid time is longer, the feeling that fires very quickly a bit, control rhythm at once, 9 shallow one deep. MM also from groan became tighten suddenly moan slow suddenly. What change me to like most again is female go up, be in blast after moving up and down, it is OK that this falls the eyes the milk that plays to beat at the moment and MM temptation. Closely cuddle is worn her waist, kissing her milk, cry in an excessive with low growl in, firm firm shot my thick descendants. Little sister the rest gave water cost after resting a little while, retreat a room to go person, after agreeing again battle!
[free experience] : Although service project is not much, but the figure is correct the manner is very good, suit to grow a leg to accuse black silk
[contact means] QQ:3452196865