[lane of general Tuo oriental cherry] small fine waist lets big long leg really the person is commiserative. Insert very closely


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[playtime] : 12.21
[J S name] : 832
[J S native place] : Sichuan
[J S age] : 95 years
[J S amount] : 45+
[recreational project] : ISO
[recreation costs] : New store opens business. Full-court 798 not to deal
[evaluate integratedly] : Reputably
[recreation comments on] : I also am the old bird in the flowers, shed a lot of places that billow is in Shanghai all the time, area. The food that should have had only is the attention outside the portion then. Before paragraph time Shanghai here rumour is closer, although also be done not have little go out to play, but it is a late night every time just go, go every time JS amount is very few, little when a few 20, much when also 30 come, the local experience that go plays, had had have bad, but always have a regret, those who see is too little, before the sense that I give on the vision is done not have so good. Recently rumour went, want to should experience well fell, visit present site how, forum sees advertisement stick on, the site that has a lot of advertisement also came up now, chose a few to contrast below, decide finally 100 forest this, also have been to a few times previously overall pretty good still also, discover connection phone connection, say to also be stabilized now, came newly a batch of JS, let me come over to taste have a taste of what is just in season, listen full charming, before driving next, go to, leaving is not very far, 30 minutes arrived, go upstairs, clerk small D takes me to change clothes to bathhouse, change good clothes 100 forest come over to arrange, I say to want to see newcome how, take XL to choose subsequently, JS been waitinging, fast 40, the new face of a lot of, looked a little while to choose 832, still have several pretty good, also cannot go up completely, said next wanting that go to big room with the manager, arrange the PF behind, MM is taking the room that reachs from the back, the room is very big, it is big round bed, very satisfactory, MM lets me rest below, go arranging water bed, lie on the bed to begin the service that do SM next, MM X is very big, do SM very comfortable figure is very good also, the skin is felt have a feeling very much, very bright, SY when very Orphean also, x interest soars, DD is not borne already, said to work first with MM doing SM then, go up to the bed together next, take TT, MM is grasping XD to be put into the hole slowly in, I begin to have arrive slow fast, gallop rise, do J madly 10 minutes to bug emerges entirely and go out, the feeling after releasing is very comfortable, very enjoy, clear later next on water bed lying that continue to make a service, close an eye to lie over, enjoying the service with close MM, have kind of monarch feeling really, in XT.TT.KJ.DL of little younger sister. A service comes down, the DD of bright already restored male wind again, the small mouth of consciousness of MM of go to bed is contained on DD T lane rises, KH is very good, do I am idea of the what in the heart also is done not have, resemble Piao her Piao she, the TT on belt letting MM, bend over in go to bed, from the back go-cart, a new action begins begin to exchange fire again, smoke C to rise into, grasping MM to become warped Tun, look at DD to be in peach garden in and out, too exciting person, I also begin to add rapid rate to work madly, be in one round finally intense in smoking C. Send a myriad descendants. It is a lot of better before that to the service of force whole is compared now, there is 2~30 only before JS especially. There is 40 almost now many. A lot of new JS had not tried, take a friend to come over to learn an experience together next time, , , , , , , , , 100 forest hot line 15216848213 QQ:3241500166 QQ group: 580491666

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