Experience river bridge is new attend a meeting place girl serves really very reach the designated position, must share. ,


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[spatial name] : What some meeting serves experience river bridge true still that is pretty good, be worth to share,
[technician gives a mark] :  (90)
[recreational price] : 798
[the environment co

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  • mments on] :  (after spending birthday to the friend, each go straight towards a thing, the man drinks wine thinking a woman to abreact for a short while, want early to go over there Ding Li manager, listen to many friends to say over there quality is good, it is OK also that sexual price is compared, had saved the mobile phone mark of Ding Li manager, small letter cannot be found, the phone sought advice, say the girl is very much, also do not look to give what effect in the phone, still went first the spot looks.

    Sign up for Ding Li manager downstage to the place, the clerk gives take ace card, change good shoe, the dress, arrangement anteroom takes a rest, a little while Ding Li manager comes over.

    The likelihood is the time that come im

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  • pertinent, anteroom rested many minutes 20, ding Li director let, say a bit busy now, all sorts of apologies, do not have a thing, anyway my time is much, this gives smoke again, send Gong Niu again, felt embarrassed a bit.

    Follow Ding Li manager to run quickly continuously choose the wife of a prince, aquarium type chooses the wife of a prince, music rings, halfway girl has what the model has kind to go, the time that comes possibly is impertinent, can have 956, because still confusing burnt condition, introduce a few with respect to Rangdingli manager, look 766 pretty good, saying is, age is small, the service is good. Service respect is very active also. Can try. Good! !

    76 belles height is pretty good, big, the bosom is a bit small, can have B, the skin is very good, pitch-black length is sent, affectedly sweet affectedly sweet sound.

    Follow the belle enters a room, the girl helps good clothing, oneself also had taken off the dress.

    What the service does is pretty good, (the process was not expressed)

    Nevertheless the service on the bed is to reach the designated position really, really very active, very cooperate! Have bit of mad rhythm, begin cuddle to wear first I answer a bed to go up, just laid down brew a little while, girl face about begins a kiss to rise. (this girl may be new personality, the movement of the kiss is very unripe, ) very active nevertheless, this may be specialty. Ligule head is on ear ministry, neck, with delicate small tongue all sorts of licking, all sorts of kissing, the sense is good still, my hand of course also cannot at a loose end is breathed out, both hands is touched on the girl’s buttock, buttock feel is good, very become warped, these two ham are being felt is to give power really, very tender, skiddy ham, girl edge is kissed, still crying softly in the mouth, (do this call toll? ) my bub is quite sensitive still, rose forcedly directly, the top is between girl double leg, the girl is my bub clip among double leg very natural fluctuation attrition, small mouth of the girl begins to slip downward, begin to lick the bosom that removes me with ligule head, arm, alvine, and ham, bright stayed, little hand of the girl handholds the knead with my ceaseless bub, (such is no good ah) .

    Then I press the girl go up in the bed, also begin turn from side to side, the girl says to be mixed on not close face neck, (because made up) good, that begins to atttack below, lick the small RT that licks a girl. Although the bosom is a bit small, nevertheless this RT gives power really, very big! Licking here, the girl there groans crying, sound very lick

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  • , pretty is charming, what begin to kiss a girl next is alvine, of the girl alvine and ceaseless toward inside shrink. The likelihood is the feeling came up, my hand is in the attrition with small hole ceaseless also hole of the girl, double leg of the girl clips my hand closely, I tell a girl to loosen loosen, the girl loosens double leg very naturally, obvious girl ham two side are already drenched.

    See a crucial moment about the same also, just wanted to offer battle, the girl presses me in next, begin to use delicate small mouth to begin to kiss my bub, very mad, all sorts of inside roll, begin career very slow, bit by bit accelerate, my whole body is inflexible, then, I offer battle.

    The girl takes TT tear apart, give me gently Dai Hao, very active movement sits in bub above, the bub that takes me chafed a few times in mouth of a cave, next slowly sit. Can feel the girl’s body shrinks, both hands tightens the close waist that holding me in the arms, the girl begins to raise the buttock gently, fall gently, the movement is so not close still, feel nevertheless really very bright, at that time I also am not controlled, begin the Ooxx of vigorously, girl very those who cooperate shutting an eye to crying, from very small voice bigger and bigger.

    I like traditional style quite, then the girl gently hold in the arms lay down, double leg is opened, chafe a little while in mouth of a cave with bub, gently in the hole that is put into the girl, the girl is alvine and ceaseless as attrition rhythm hold out up, biting oneself lip, groan crying, I here from arrive slow fast, begin ceaseless acceleration, girl very assorted voice is bigger and bigger also, the bosom of handholding girl begins m

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  • y hand exert all one’s strength hold brush, like whirlwind car match, after final sprint, arrived at terminus. (direct sober up) ha. Be in finally anteroom delay hour of one or two just is answere

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  • d come over god,  girl very give power. This I also very give power, reach the designated position

    What abreact this is really complete. This girl, wolf friend can experience. Very pretty good. )
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    [address phone] fine spur track of Hua Jiang of highway of the Cao An that decide an area Ding Li manager 17717328505 can add small letter

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