Prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a panbig gun hits Hunan small light standard, this cry is honest too the manager austral grand of be overwhelmed with sorrow or joy 15001750662


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[spatial name] : The high end austral grandMeeting place
[recreational price] : 1080/100 minute water mill
[the environment comments on] : BL company attends a meeting to put us to go today, take end of the year a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument is very in my of award heart, must want cheesy and cheesy ah, contacted grand south, south grand there now is to go out seek joyous first selection, arrive very quickly inn, after signing up for the name austral grand with downstair security personnel, security personnel brushs cassette I receive lift, got on 3 buildings, change shoe change clothes directly, having waitinging to take me to choose the wife of a prince south grand, below the commendation south grand, chose the girl F76 of Hunan this, the figure is carried high, grow also very pleasi

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  • ng to the eye, sound Orphean, let hemp of BL head hemp directly, although BL likes Hunan accent not quite, use in this respect to be able to make a person more excited nevertheless!


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  • bsp; Arrived all sorts of PF wretched andJsAfter interacting, want to wash those who wash what with JS first, next the side BL with very serious JS shucks off bathrobe, next BL is serious also and careful knead at the same time hold feel gnaw, carry the lift up or let down with a rope of JS at the same time the dress was shucked off, the small fourth Ding Yu that is sex appeal then is overspread attractively, next in pairs enters a shower room, an a heil of bullets should begin cough up, when wash, JS and BL each other wipe bath dew, wash significant position for the other side severally next, of that bright, BL returned eye to sweep the whole body of JS, long hair, melon seeds face, x feeling figure, skin is tender white, a pair of perfect small white hare, by the straight rock that BL kneads, helped JS wash private parts next, transmit the SY sound of a JS right now, of that be overwhelmed with sorrow or joy, listen to BL crisp, decisive wash with what JS says we are simple fall to go next on the bed, drench bitter fleabane head opened favorable opposition to wash the jade system of JS directly next, washed BL to wipe his, also helped JS brush, although should JS is brushed for BL, but do not have method, BL is QS, want FWJS A right now of course, with a ha breath out ~

            BL lies on the bed to holding the waist of JS in the arms, JS skin is very pretty good, feel go to those who slip slipping, conceive JS cuddle first directly in meet a little, next the hand of BL is impossible at a loose end, kneading JS to be opposite then at the same time strong Shuang Feng, at the same time slowly JS cuddle closer and closer from BL, next the neck of glamour of direct Xiang Xiaomei, like bloodsucker kind gnaw suddenly rise, the small DD as a result of BL already one column props up a day, next JS asks to be BLMY, BL feels that he cannot rest right now, must accelerate formula, say with JS BL does not think MY directly, be BLKJ directly, next eliminate MY an

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  • d BH, JS is the KJ with serious BL to wear, do not have tine completely to feel, still meet from time to time below SH, exceed bright, when JS is BLKJ affectionately, BL offers JS is BLKJ with the pose of 69, next the executes with BL confused look with very obedient JS, next direct an aroma is tangy and come, JS is very good still be in for BLKJ, and BL is the small PP that both hands holds JS in the palm, next nose is inMMthe Xiaobao that private parts is hearing flavour of that complete as good as, cannot help directly licked rise, is the glossal wo

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  • rk that is BL too good? The Xiaobao of JS is very fast poured out of water, while JS admits to be BLKJ really, BL licks what buckle again to made JS fast come again the climax is like, JS cannot help bite into the small DD of BL, next BL signal JSMl, JS is very comfortable rise, demur did not say to take TT for BL directly, carry on the back directly next to BL a female on top, have Feel very much oneself were moved rise, BL is lying, both hands is holding the small waist of JS in the arms, next from time to time interact together

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  • with JS, the bang bang bang with the small DD very rapid rate that looks at BL is worn the Xiaobao of JS, both sides gave out very loud SY voice, it seems is about GC, rise directly hold JS in arms, next him BL is swinging T ministry, small DD is remittent a few, next JS one turns over, normal appreciate a few, the feeling is about S, hold a JS in the arms to get up directly, let JS help the wall to bedside up, what type enters after BL next is fierce smoke, below sprint of 10 minutes, the wrap up that biting BL small DD closely in JS Xiaobao feels medium, BL holds firmly JS, a disorder in the head frowsty hum, like the descendants tidewater of direct BL gushing, direct flying go at the lingering in the Xiaobao of JS rises, sit feebly on the bed next, on JS or the small DD that sit in BL, right now BL although already exhaust of J exhausted force, but the hand does not have at a loose end, feeling the whole body is the JS of sweat, next th

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  • e back that the tongue of BL is kissing JS, JS says BL is very fierce, the GC that disappears for ages period came back again, BL heart thinks today also is to be a country to make contribution! Hahaha

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            Come out pay a return visit gives south grand, the service is ~~ of quite good · very satisfactory ~~~ rests a little while to buy sheet to come home, come again next time ~~

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