[Min goes] : The girl can be twisted, able, minor acupuncture point also tightens ~ quite!


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[playtime] : On March 24
[J S name] : K79
[J S native place] : Hubei
[J S age] : 22
[J S amount]

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  • : 80+
    [recreational project] : 90 minutes of SM

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  • costs] : 880
    [evaluate integratedly] : Reputably
    [recreation comments on] : Want to be in all the time of A Jiang group in look for a coquettish younger sister to try, but did not discover appropriate JS all the time, see one makes a person enchanted eventually today, the sweet outside and hot figure on the photograph, then deputy Qing Chun takes the look of bit of coquettish again, my be channel really he

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  • art is crawly, the phone hits A Jiang, ask him available cut down? Have, pretty good, tell to had stayed to me, half hours arrive ~~ , a Jiang director says, good, do not forget to si

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  • gn up for my name downstage! I answer him, I am known! Later date clothes is changed there toward ~ before drive car, I am taken to go after A Jiang manager entertained me enthusiasticly aquarium chooses the wife of a prince, here choosing the wife of a prince still is pretty is amused. The figure is carried very high, do not have local color one time. Contrast through relapsing, fall the eye on K79 body finally. The skin fair-skinneds in vain, the waist is fine, long hair, basically be the look that I like her most. After been carry, small Long Nv explains JS to want to serve good place, the belt that JS also is one face self-confidence is worn BL comes to happy room ~ !

    Girl sound is very sweet after entering a room, the mood is good. The girl gives everything ready, let me lie in water bed above, to me gently make bath syrup, when washing DD especially, very tender, girl age is small, make Sm very reach the designated position, each place was accomplished, very careful. I also am old player, what girl Sm does is really very good, careful sorption descendants bag, each place all is taken care of, give the bath on BL adroitly dew, pushing greasily, BL instant opens system free from worry, the nerve that stretchs tight closely usually and muscle all were loosened, SM was done a little while, I say you are blown to me because I am not carried quickly also,lived the girl is very obedient say husband, be overcome bending over to be blown Arrived time of ham root department, the sort of wet flirtation, let me can’t help the hand is touching ability Js head, js very cooperate, among them a hand is put in my abdomen flank, teasing gently. . Lick descendants bag moment when the tongue,

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  • the sense is sudden very be in from root ministry passages through which vital energy circulates forcibly all the time upgrade mentions small head, swallowed readily next, it is the hand is being felt subsequently, good gracious, within an inch of with respect to S. Of course, as a result a few bouts come down, still be S. . . . Or some ability not equal to one’s ambition, do not have a thing nevertheless, work casually just about instead, do not be restricted of the frequency.

    Moment of the 2nd P, to the bed the girl begins to tease me again, as a result of dim lamplight, tease me sticking up Pp to blow DD to me next a little while. Appear the coquettish that T ministry comparatives. The BB that felt the girl with the hand wet heat up again, those who blow is about the same, I use the gesture of old man go-cart, the BB that aims her is inserted forcibly, the girl chirp one, very billow, estimation also wanted, my hind proceed with is grabbing breast, … all sorts of poses, all sorts of to one’s heart’s content. The girl is very excited when doing. . . . Girl waist is very elastic, can twist again, the PP that uses her again is taking my hip department, pose very reach the designated position. She does me to empty her feel well than me. Zhang pays to go after coming to an end person, a Jiang sent beverage pay a return visit, the service is satisfactory, the price 880 also be quite beautiful, this K79 is true today is very reach the designated position, very satisfactory, recommend ~ strongly!

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