✿ heart happy the water of ✿JS of private meeting place a certain number of, briefs is wet, it is an alluring woman as expected

[playtime] : 7.5
[J S name] : 701
[J S native place] :

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  • Chongqing
    [J S age] : 18
    [J S amount] : 70+
    [recreational project] : Water Chinese ink is not restricted 90 minutes secon

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  • d

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  • ecreation costs] : 798
    [evaluate integratedly] : Reputably
    [recreation comments on] : Just go to work, idle will erupt without the thing crank, want to go SN played, to the heart happy manager made a telephone call, spent more than 10 minutes to arrive, arrived in the center of change good jacket,

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  • follow a manager to the outside, t stage is to do not have a fault really, the at least on T stage has 40 many girls, heart happy manager does his utmost my recommend 701, I one germinant did not see her, see her, I feel the others did not look up and down, indirect with respect to her, do not have a fault too, reach a room with the girl after that!

    Entered P Fang Houjing female quite automatic, interest of a coquettish went down, 1 meter of height of 65, muscle is very white, a pair of big long legs also are the mind that draw fine, x ministry exceeds big, least D started, stripped off jacket to enter SM room, JS walks along water bedside to plan fix SM bed gradually, BL sees t

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  • his attractive picture where still can want to do FW, overthrow JS secondhand going up in the bed, JS also cooperates the DD skill that BL skill is feeling me strips off BL jacket, the DD that BL is carrying on the head to erect in that way is in her backside, JS is automatic low head sorption DD, of deepness deepness one-way, BL also is borne did not live, feel full X ministry to amusing RT single-handed, extend single-handed touch one-wayly in briefs, the water of JS a certain number of, feel

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  • iefs   Wet, it is an alluring woman as expected, we felt for a long time, BL lies to the bed to enjoy DD by closely of sorption feel, JS station is arisen mouth of a cave comes to allowing DD    Avalokitesvara s

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  • its lotus, on any account falls on rode how many seconds, BL reverse the position of the host and the guest, had turned over a body to press JS exerting all his strength in underwater the top is entered, ah BL that cry breaks a heart in a moment mad, catching PP insert suddenly, the top that all previous exerts all his strength comes out, deeper and deeper Ooxx is worn, the SY of JS more and more loudly, till BL suffer a disastrous decline. Finish we came to SM again one P, compare first time this longer tiredder, be likened to arisen still be

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  • first time enthusiasm, the 2nd times some were

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  • dropped infirmly, doing not have JS light is SY sound can let DD make J mind! After be over to kiss goodbye with MM beforehand, abruptly a bit supple did not abandon!
          Next Zhong Xinyi man

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  • agers accompany me to talk about meeting day, this girl is true without the fault I say, came next time I choose this kind! The manager entertains a guest pretty good still, also have a view very much!

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