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What actually most person does not know is beer also be a kind of alcoholic drink that is passed into China from the foreign country kind, although beer is alive history of the brew on bound history is very long, but the thing that passing into China is 20 centuries however. And since beer after passing into China, got the welcome of each estate people, because rise quite with liquor the flavour of beer more cool, it is female and dot to drink a few beer appropriately, also do not have very great harm to the body. But how long can be you saved probably to general beer?

 Bright beer expiration period

Beer is one of the mankind’s oldest alcoholic beverage, the wastage on the later ages bound that is water and tea ranks tertiary beverage. Beer passes into China at the beginning of 20 centuries, belong to foreign wine to plant. Beer is according to English Beer interpret becomes Chinese ” Pi ” , call its ” beer ” , continue to use up to now.

 Bright beer expiration period

Beer is main raw material with barley bud, hops, water, the low ethanol that makes the full of carbon dioxide that make and becomes via yeasty zymosis spends wine, be weighedA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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For ” liquid biscuit ” , it is alcoholic beverage of a kind of low density. Least, reason drinks beer alcohol content beer not only person of injury of not easy intoxicate, a few drinkable right instead healthy good part. NowShanghai night net

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The beer on international all adds auxiliary raw material for the most part.

The expiration period of beer divides time length according to container, if be white glass bottled, the expiration period is 6 months commonly, namely 180 days, do not avoid because of white bottle smooth, beer is afraid of high temperature and illumination, allow changeful qualitative ache slightly, become cloudy. If be to pull coal tub expiration period easily to be 12 months, namely time of a year. Pull coal tub to avoid smooth, and sealing is good, protect quality time to want to grow bottle of Yu Bai lubricious glass so.

Usually, common canister installs beer expiration period to be1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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A year, and some beer expiration periods are a year half, time of bright rare expiration period is two years of above. Expiration period of bottled, canned ripe beer not less than 120 days () of actor, one class, 60 days (2 class) . Expiration period of bottled bright beer not less than 7 days. Coal tub outfit, bucket holds bright beer expiration period not less than 3 days.

 Bright beer expiration period

The carriage of beer and store:

1, when carrying beer, answer to take put down gently gently, must not throw fall, should avoid to bump and squash.

2, beer must not be mixed with the article that volatilize poisonously, harmfully, mordantly, easily or has peculiar smell outfit, mix lay aside, mix carry.

3, beer appropriate is carried below ℃ of 5 ℃ ~25 and; of keep in storage under or prep above this temperature limits, adopt corresponding prevent frostbite or prevent heatSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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4, beer should lay aside1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Put at shady and cool, dry, A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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The; in ventilated storeroom does not get open air to pile up, take strict precautions against insolation, drench; to must not be contacted directly with damp ground

[last word] the beer expiration period with general bottled glass is less than of half an year, and canned beer is opposite for meeting delay is longer, the longest also do not exceed two years.

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