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Red carrying is a kind of more welcome fruit, appearance of this kind of fruit is gules, the exterior is very beautiful, also because such, still have red earth so such good name, this kind of fruit tastes very sweet, because rich grape is contained in the fruitNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Candy and fructose, still contain rich microelement additionally, the content of potassium element is very for instance high, a lot of people do not know1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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The line is red carrying is a grape, detailed knowledge comes below.

Red is carrying a grape?

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Grape and carrying seed to go up character is grapy fructification. Just be in process of flow of goods, the market of and other places of harbor, Shanghai normally bead big, Pi Hou, juice difficult depart of little, high grade, flesh, be able to bear or endure the Europe subspecies grape that lay aside carries is called carry child, differ according to colour and lustre again, call vermeil red carry, of violet black for black carry, it is blueness olively to carry. And bead big, qualitative the fructification that soft, juice decorticates more, easily calls a grape, formed two kinds of names consequently. The grape of common entrance all is carry subclass.

Have a very simple distinction method, need not sample can master, the grape is held with the hand, skin and flesh depart easily, and red carry a skin thinner, skin and flesh part very hard. Look from appearance hill, carry child with grapy brown red level is different also, red carry show cardinal, fruit form is consistent, size is even, it is whole commonly string together, scatter very hard, take harder in the hand. And, red the mouthfeel that carry is fragile sweet, the time that deposit is longer, normally the condition falls (do not take any step) , can save 15 days or so.

Red is carrying a grape?

Carry child Grape:

Carry child contain rich vitaminic C and E, offer for the skin fight oxidation protection, effective antagonism dissociate base, reduce the skin to suffer the descent of external environment. Carry child it is the fruit with nutrient very high value, contain carbohydrate especially very tall, produce easily accordingly inside hot, heat up inside deficiency of yin with irritability so, body fluid deficit, constipation person unfavorable feed. Anyhow, carry child nutrition is rich, candy much sex is lukewarm, feed more can cause inside hot, constipation or diarrhoea, be worried not the side-effect such as the section.

In addition, portion of the candy in most fruit is containedLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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The volume is very high, should regard it as so snacks or it is mug-up right amount edible. Carry child candy component is high, unfavorable eat more during reduce weight, must not be replaced more with them prandial.

Red is carrying a grape?

Grape fructification contains rich nutrition part, basically contain carbohydrate, protein, adipose, vitaminic (A, B1, B2, B12, C, E) , cellulose of element of amine of carotene, sulfur, riboflavin, food, lecithin, Yan is alkaline acid of acerbity, apple, citric acid, Nick is acerbity etc organic; Still contain calcic, phosphor, iron, potassiumForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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, the inorganic composition such as sodium, magnesian, manganese. Root and cany leaf contain colloid, tan qualitative, saccharide, carbohydrate; Cany leaf still has all sorts of organic acid kind composition.

Grapy effect: Grape dietotherapy reachs noxiousness of oedema and the gastritis such as hidebound sex, enteritis, dysenteric, chronic to Wu Xin sex, kidney sex pocky and hepatitis, rash, effective. Can fill all empty are insufficient, prolong life. Grape male is nutrient food, alimentary, be good at stomach, beneficial enrages a function, suit at frail constitution person edible, can appetizing stomachic, have filling theory, stop vomit, demulcent effect. The grape makes wine contain a lot ofvitaminic B12, beneficial to malign anaemia, have nutrition strong function, improve function of human performance sex. The grape contains natural and aggregate phenol, can reach the protein chemical combination in virus with the bacterium, make lose infect disease ability, right at spinal cord a few virus have etc of ashen qualitative virus good exterminate action, and make human body produces antibody.

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