[did banana become bad be what kind of? ]

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Banana is a kind of commonner fruit, and banana tastes taste not only sweet and goluptious, and the nutrition of banana also is very rich, but although banana is delicious, most person can not discern the stand or fall of banana, often think to macula appears above banana the specification is sweetShanghai night1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Broadleaf plant is broken, actually this is not, rather, banana appears this kind of phenomenon, the quantitative change containing sugar that indicates banana is tall, right now banana is squashy, flavour is most delicate when.

Did banana become bad be what kind of?

Actually this kind of skin appears the banana of black stain not onlySh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Won’t cause to the body harmful, still can help toxin of human body eduction, rise to defend cancerous action. Nevertheless, cortical fully black, of fleshy qualitative completely mashed, do not suggest edible.

Cortical conference appears not squashy banana a viridescence is lubricious, because contain many tannic acid among them, mouthfeel is very dry, and have very powerful convergent effect, can the fecal knot inside human body work again hard, can cause the symptom of occurrence constipation thereby.

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The element with potassium, phosphor, magnesian essential human body is contained a lot ofin banana, but to normal human body inside for, the Potassium that absorbs excessive and magnesian meeting make the natrium inside body and calcic overbalance, right healthy very adverse. The attention is not hollow before eating banana so.

The picked time of banana is commonly in 67 maturity, saved requirement also is taller, the temperature of reserve requirement goes to 13 degrees in 11 degrees commonly between, and the temperature of area of freezer cold storage is 4 degrees are controlled normally, what decay of the meeting after the banana after be being put into freezer is being taken deteriorates is very fast, so unsuited the cold storage in be being put in freezer.

Did banana become bad be what kind of?

Banana stand or fall 4 law differentiate

1. far view: Banana is far when looking, be glistening, evil spirit it is good-looking. But the band in some fizzling out is black; The extensive in some fizzling out is white; Some is deep orange however; Take blueness with extensive white do not have probably squashy, of deep orange is ripe passed. Flavour still is orange yellow very, yellow light of leather lubricious delicacy.

2. looks nearly: See banana fruit whether full, colour and lustre is bright; Without ill spot, without bug scar; One ungual banana should look comb the power is complete, whether to float black or addle, whether to have be short of, craze or fall off phenomenon.

Did banana become bad be what kind of?

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3. hand feels: Take banana in namely1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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The hand is pleasant to the eye, feel. Good banana is taken in the hand feel is compared thick and won’t appear hard, too good word expresses to do not have maturity, too soft state maturity is very long, fast bad, can affect mouthfeel. With two point to hold fruit body gently, of rich flexibility for mature fruit; Pulp makes a living callously if really; Of peel soft defect had been ripe fruit.

4. bazoo hears: Mature banana aroma is pure and fresh and fragrant, without green acerbity feeling, but rare also thick sweet fragrance, do not have the flavour of chemical.

The soft fiber in banana is to recuperate intestines and stomach to be fed maladjustedly square, to gastric ulcer patient, banana also is exclusive and OK take food did not thoroughly cook food, eat there won’t be undesirable reaction after falling.

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