[the quantity of heat of black soya bean]

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Black soya bean is a kind of very common food in daily life, everybody knows the nutrient material of black soya bean is exceedingly tall, can let people should make the food of a kind of preserve one’s health because of such ability just about, but whether to meet those who affect oneself to reduce weight to can worrying for the people that reducing weight, the quantity of heat of black soya bean can particularly tall, actually black soya bean is lowA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Caloric, say those who absorb to in be the process that reducing weight, also can be at ease so.

The quantity of heat of black soya bean

1, protein

Black soya bean has character of high protein, low caloric, protein content is as high as 45% above. Among them high grade albumen is controlled than 1/4 of soya bean tower above about, first what reside all sorts of legume, because this also was won ” the king in the beans ” beautiful praise. The flesh that abounds with protein kind photograph comparing, black soya bean not only be without inferior, want instead more win out to prepare, its protein content is equivalent to the flesh kind (pork, chicken) 2 times, it is 3 times of the egg, it is 12 times of milk more, because this is known as again ” vegetable protein flesh ” .

2, fatty acid

Consider to discover, crude fat is contained to be as high as 12 to overcome above in black soya bean of every 100 grams. Detect discovery contains at least 19 kinds of fatty acid among them, and content of not saturated fatty acid is as high as 80% actually, among them linoleic acid content was occupied about 55.08% . Linoleic acid serves as a kind of not saturated fatty acid, it is the very important indispensible fatty acid in human body, to cholesterol metabolization has crucial adjustment action, the ability when be united in wedlock with linoleic acid when cholesterol only undertakes normal metabolization in the have a change of luck inside body. And when linoleic acid is lacked, cholesterol will be united in wedlock with saturated fatty acid and deposit inside human body, bring about the happening of arteriosclerosisA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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. Accordingly, linoleic acid has again ” hemal ashman ” beautiful praise.

The quantity of heat of black soya bean

3, ash content of black soya bean

Ash content is one of 6 big nutriment of food, all sorts of inorganic salt that human body needs all come from the ash content at food, accordingly, of ash content content more or less can reflect food nutrition value from a respect. Composition of different alimental ash content and content differ very big, because this ash content is an index of inorganic composition gross in demonstrative food. Content of the ash content in black soya bean is 4.47% , apparent prep above is other legume. Analyse the composition of ash content of black soya bean further, can discover a variety of mineral reach microelement, wait like zinc, copper, magnesian, molybdenum, Selenium, phosphor, and content is higher.

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The importance with healthy to human body vitamin, reckon everybody can be spoken a few come, sheet can guess those who give this term from literal probably meaning, vitamin — the element that maintains life. A variety of vitamins are contained a lot ofin black soya bean, especially vitamin E is contained mediumly in black soya bean of every 100 grams be as high as 17.36 microgramme. Vitamin E (Vitamin E)Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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It is vitamin of sex of dissolve of a kind of fat, it is one of the mainest antioxidant, the fighting with be being developed important oxidizes protective airframe is fineLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Afterbirth dismisses the action of the harm that suffers freedom radical.

The quantity of heat of black soya bean

5, different yellow ketone

Different yellow ketone is one of yellow ketone compound, in plant of legume of main consist in, often be called again so soja different yellow ketone, because its are,extract from inside the plant, with likeness of female estrogen structure, so different yellow ketone has again ” plant estrogen ” say. Early research confirms, the content of different yellow ketone of soya bean is very rich, have experimental discovery, the content of different yellow ketone of black soya bean is comparedForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Soya bean is even much.

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