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The nutrient value of tomato is very tall, and if tomato is eaten raw directly, flavour acerbity acid is sweet, it is very appetizing, be in especially the summer, if do not have appetite, can treating tomato as is staple food comes edible, tomato has a way mediumly in the life is rife, can fry not only eat, still can be born to eat, it is OK to be returned actually sauce comes to a tomato of tomato make it edible.

Acerbity tomato how souse

Abstain ketchup, it is OK to add candy to decrease candy oneself go adjust

With makings

Tomato 5

Fine saccharic 150g

Lemon juice partly

Practice measure

1, first the tomato that should use, hit a crossed knife, be like a graph

2, it is OK that in putting the water that has heatinging, 30 seconds are boiled fish out

3, had boiled time can tear apart the skin so easily

4, the tomato after tearing apart a skin cuts Cheng Ding

5, the tomato that cuts good man piles up bread machine bucket inside, begin conserve program

6, conserve program me time fried two programs, add finally half lemon juice

7, turn over the ketchup that has fried, it is OK to can be hanged on drawknife

Acerbity tomato how souse

Xiao stick person

1. container had better use vitreous bottle namely

Of 2. outfit ketchup container wants high temperature disinfection, buckle cool work to just can be used to anhydrous cent

3. is sure to keep in mind to but not have,contain a product add, must use as soon as possible

4. puts freezer to refrigerate save

Suit a crowd

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Kind crowd all can edible

1, suit to often eat fat person, heal at the beginning of a serious illness or suffer from ailment and appetite not beautiful person, suit edible especially;

2, pregnant woman should eat hot pickled mustard tuber less as far as possible;

3, respiratory tract disease, diabetic, hypertensive patient should be fed less.

4, chronic diarrhoea person diet.

Applicable quantity: Every time 10 grams left and right sides.

Acerbity tomato how souse

Tomato sauce practice

The practice of tomato sauce is not complex, return the sauce makings that can increase different burden to make extraordinary according to his taste. In doing good tomato sauce to be able to be put in bottle of clean aseptic glass sealed save, when wanting to use, dig with clean ladle take, left and right sides of a month can be saved below cold storage condition.

Abstain tomato sauce

Material: Fresh tomato, rock candy, lemon


(1) prepares one boiler hot water (60 degrees or so can, need not burn) , will abluent tomato is put into boiler, build upper cover, stew 2 minutes- – after 2 minutes, visible tomato is automatic desquamate;

(2) cuts the tomato of flay a few chunk- – in tomato if have crudely, green seed, want take out, lest affect mouthfeel;

(3) breaks tomato into pieces with mixer- – tomato firstA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city
Cut chunk, break into pieces again, it is to avoid the juice; with the too much loss in the course that cutting

(The tomato that 4) will break into pieces1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

Love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch
Juice falls into boiler, join rock candy, small fire turns to boil after be being boiled. – – boil to ropier when, with respect to the ground when otherwise1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

Love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch
With scoop agitate one agitate, avoid to stick boiler;

(5) is boiled to ropy, appear ” sauce ” appearance, impact is right amount lemon juice, continue to boil 34 minutes can.

Shanghai noble baby communicates an area

Forum of Shanghai noble baby

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