[south how is melon seeds fried delicious]

Article introduction

South melon seeds origin and pumpkin, also having the effect of many sided and effect. E.g. , melon seeds can kill insect south, can treat prostatitis, still can fall blood pressure, prevent angina pectoris, often eat pumpkin so child, healthy to human body it is very beneficial. Melon seeds can be eaten raw south, also can fry eat. So, how is melon seeds fried south delicious? Below, introduce in detail for everybody copy south the practice of melon seeds and effectForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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How is melon seeds fried south delicious

One, food brief introduction

Fry pumpkin child be with pumpkin child for main raw material, fry a cate that make and becomes as complementary makings with salt, Bai Sha, have melon seed sweet, fragile, take feed handy and goluptiousLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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, krypton is used at drive ascarid after paralytic tapeworm paragraph, the characteristic that fights schistosome.

How is melon seeds fried south delicious

Fry south the raw material of melon seeds reachs the method that make, its characteristic is sweet fragile goluptious, still have very good effect. Prices is very good also.

2, fry south the practice of melon seeds

[raw material]

Pumpkin child 500 grams, salt 50 grams ~ 75Forum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Can, bai Sha 150 grams.

[the method that make]

1, will give birth to pumpkin first child full is clean, drop does moisture, the weight that presses melon seeds joins 10% ~ the fine salt of 15% , blend adequately even, after the nature that wait for salt melts, put in the insolation below sunlight.

2, will clean Bai Sha is put in iron bowl to fry heat first (melon seeds and Bai Sha scale are 3:1Right-and-left) , pour melon seed next, begin to use relatively flourishing ingle is fried mix, appear till the melon seeds in boiler when Pi sound, convert slow fire is fried mixForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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, when melon seeds flesh is shown flaxen when, have pot instantly, the sieve goes Bai Sha, refrigeration of melon seeds lay open, outfit container reserves. Take 50 grams of 30 ~ every time, children discretionary reduction.

3, fry pumpkin child effect and action

How is melon seeds fried south delicious

Melon seeds also weighs white melon seeds south, eat raw, ripe it is OK to eat, have the dietotherapy effect that fights bug and remedial prostate diseaseLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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. Can exterminate the helminth inside human body well, also have to schistosome larva exterminate action very well, of the first selection dietotherapy that is schistosomiasis article. The United States considers to discover, the pumpkin that eats left and right sides of on 50 grams everyday child can prevent prostate disease effectively. Melon seeds contains rich pantothenic acid south, can alleviate dormant sex angina, fall blood pressure. Ever had the melon seed austral overmuch edible and cause dazed cover. The person of poorer area often can feed wholesome condition bug of drive of in order to. The male is appropriate often edible. The stomach heats up patient appropriate to be fed less, can feel Wan is abdominal distension otherwise frowsty.

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