Prevent abnormal embryo pregnant woman to should not be much eat 32 kinds of food (3)

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22, aquatic product: These aquatic product have crab, soft-shelled turtle, kelp work is flexible firm action, be opposite after edible inchoate and gravid have the harm that causes haemorrhage, miscarriage. Crab has invigorate the circulation of blood to turn the result of Yu, especially crab claw, have apparent abort effect. Soft-shelled turtle has the stronger wind that connect blood to come loose Yu piece action. The abort force of turtle shell is more powerful than turtle flesh. Kelp function is soft firm, medicinal powder knot, change Yu, also have abort ill will. 23, persimmon: Crudely content of the tannic acid in persimmon is as high as 25% to control, a large number of tannic acid enter ministry of human body stomach, can form below the action of hydrochloric acid in gastric juice ” gastric persimmon is calculous ” . Hollow eat persimmon or persimmon and high protein food to feed what also can cause this problem to appear together, cause harm easily to ministry of pregnant woman stomach. In addition, because persimmon contains sugar the volume is high, pregnant woman needs to control intake strictly, have gravid diabetic pregnant woman is unfavorable eat persimmon. 24, Durian: Durian contains quantity of heat tall, a large number of taking food that cause pregnant woman blood sugar easily to lift, breed goes tremendous odds also can promote greatly. Although Durian contains a lot ofcellulose, the meeting after Dan Liulian ent[……]

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